Losing a family member always involves an overwhelming array of emotions and responsibilities for those left behind. A Personal Representative (Executor) is required to engage an attorney in Florida, if probate is necessary. Under certain circumstances, probate may be avoided or a summary probate administration may be advisable. Engaging an attorney you can trust can ease the burden of the legal process and provide comfort to the family.

The Law Office of Pamela G. Martini employs the latest technology in its practice to enable out-of-state family members to be actively involved and constantly updated on their Florida probate matter. Documents can be shared and signed electronically and securely by utilizing our client portal.

No person wishes to contemplate leaving their family behind. However, the greatest gift one can give their family is a clear and detailed will or living trust which can easily be implemented, along with final instructions for cremation, burial, and/or memorial services, where estate planning documents are located, lists of assets and liabilities, and a detailed list of distribution for personal property, including digital assets. Probate can often be avoided by properly planning ahead.

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